Testimonials Reviews Seven Serenity Orem Utah

Check out the wonderful experiences that our clients have at Seven Serenity!


"I have been dying to visit this place for a long time, and am so glad I finally did! The teas at SS rival the fancy shmancy tea houses I have been to in L.A., and the teas at SS seem to have a higher vibration. The whole place felt energetically wonderful, and is beautiful, to boot! The lady on duty serving the teas, was someone I felt like I could talk to forever, (and I am a hopeless introvert) and the service was top-notch! Beautiful place, beautiful employees, beautiful energy, beautiful boutique! Their spa services are next on my list, along with a limited amount of cash so I don’t spend my entire paycheck on their teas and boutique."



"This place has an amazingly high vibration! Victoria, the owner was warm and genuine and so helpful!
It is beautiful and the staff is educated and loving."



"I absolutely love their tea! I brought in my two kids they are six and nine, and they found delicious blended iced tea drinks that they loved. They have a huge selection that both adults and children would love. They have such a darling interior and boutique that makes it so fun for anyone to come. I also got some work done here and their masseuses are great their cranial and visceral manipulation is amazing. They have some amazing people that work here everybody was so nice and so kind I even got to see they're sound bath. It was the neatest thing I have ever seen it was the most beautiful music you can feel all the way to your core. My son is 6 and he says mom I can feel the music in my tummy. It is a great environment with wonderful energy I recommend everything that they have. It is my new favorite Tea House!"



"I've had my 2nd, treatment today, it was great! At 7 Serenity. I had the Bemer treatment, it helps with Oxygen and Blood Flow, and Nutrient Delivery, it made me feel so good, I've had swollen leg, especially my right leg, after my 1st treatment the swelling went down. I felt so much better and bad back was so much better, I was able to stand straighter!! The detox foot bath is so great, it has taken so many toxins out of my body, l couldn't believe it. It also helped me with swelling in my legs, having both the the same size, it hasn't been that way in a years!! Over all I feel so much better, after just 2 treatments!

- 7/30/2017 Phyllis J. Todd


"Loved! A group of us (4 girls) got massages. 2 of which being pregnancy massages. We each loved it! The really catered to us. We enjoyed the tea bar after and we all got a tea smoothie. So YUMMMY! Couldn't have asked for a better massage or experience. Each employee went above and beyond."

- 6/4/2017


"Delicious teas, kombucha, and vibes. So excited to find a place like this in Orem. 🕉️❤️"

- 2/1/2018


"As a fellow body worker, I can attest Victoria's skill exceeds what I have experienced with others. She is a complete body healer: spirit, mind and body.
The teas are extra extraordinary, they are not those bags full of dust you buy at the supermarket haha. They are filled with actual leaves and berries, and herbs...this is the way tea should be consumed. This place is amazing, you will leave feeling calm, peaceful and rejuvenated. If you ever have the opportunity, go get your services done here."

- 4/23/2017


"The atmosphere at Seven Serenity is so calming I have a hard time leaving. And thank you for making visceral manipulation available. It is remarkable and Victoria is such a sweetheart!"

- 11/5/2017


"Extremely relaxed. I love it there. I never understood how people could hangout in coffee shops but I could spend the whole day in there. Especially if Shelley is working. She's amazing"

- 10/14/2017


"I love this place. It is relaxing and rejuvenating. Delicious teas! I love the shop and unique selection of products."

- 6/26/2017