Tea Cafe

Green Tea

Dragonwell: One of the most popular Chinese teas, referenced in ancient literature, with a beautiful jade color and deep, floral taste

Houjicha: A traditional, pan roasted tea with a toasty caramel color, a rich, nutty flavor and clean finish, lower in caffeine and less astringent that traditional steam dried teas 

Sencha: The most popular tea in Japan with a clean, sweet, grassy flavor 

Jasmine Pearls: Hand rolled tea leaves infused with jasmine flowers to produce the traditional delicate floral tea 

Genmaicha: A nutty combination of deep green Japanese tea in a tradition blend of toasted rice

Pomegranate: A tart and tangy combination of Chinese sencha, rose petals and pomegranate 

Sweet Ginger: A refreshing blend of Chinese sencha, ginger, lemon lemongress and honey 

Huo Shan Yellow Bud: The rarest green tea, a tribute to ancient Chinese tradition, with a pale color, floral highlights and a hint of peach 

Matcha: "Elixir of the immortals" A finely powdered ceremonial green tea used exclusively by Japan's elite, hand blended with a traditional bamboo whisk creating a strong, bright green infusion that is at once sweet and bitter, noticeably vegetal

Flavored Matcha: Same high quality powdered tencha mixed with organic cane sugar and your choice of vanilla, raspberry or blueberry 

Green Lychee Blossoms: A beautiful blooming tea that tastes as good as it is beautiful 


White Tea

Machu Peach-u: Delicate Chinese white tea enhanced with sweet white peach and calendula petals, like biting into a freshpeach 

Dulagiri: The tea that will change your life, house favorite, a delicate white tea grown in the rare air of the Nepal where the enviroment encourages some of the purest, most sophisticated flavors and antioxidant rich teas in the world 


Tisanes “Herbals” Tea

Relaxation: Calm your body and mind with this delicious blend of soothing botanicals 

Mandarin Chamomile: A fragrant blend of calming chamomile, mandarin orange peel and hibiscus 

Starfire Licorice: Our favorite retro flavor, an energizing, sweet blend of licorice and herbs 

Holy Detox: A gentle detoxification tea in a base of Tulsi, the most revered herb in Ayurveda 

Peppermint: Every kid's favorite tea, bright, stimulating and refreshing 

Evening in Missoula: A retro blend of chamomile and mints, the house favorite for kids and adults, a great compliment to a cold winter’s day

Lemon Mint Cooler: This brightest citrusy blend creates an explosion of flavor with a hit of mint 

Mariposa Garden: A rich blend of East Indian spices in a base of turmeric and hibiscus 


Black Tea

Assam: The most popular tea from India, prized for its rich, malty and robust character 

Darjeeling:From the Risheehat “home of the holy sages” Estate, one of the finest teas produced in the India providence, outstanding taste and muscatel flavor 

LapsangSouchong: A traditional tea prepared by smoking with a strong, sophisticated, mesquite flavor 

Earl Grey: A classic, sweet, floral combination of Chinese black tea and the highest quality bergamot 

Roasted Chestnut: A rich, silky, nutty blend of Chinese black tea, roasted mate', houjicha and almond, with a hint of chocolate 

ShouPuerTuo Cha 2013: A roasted, fermented black tea with a unique, full bodied, earthy flavor, very strong 

Turmeric Chai: The spicy flavors of chia blend with turmeric to create a delicious, healing elixir 


Oolong Tea

Annapurna Oolong: Sanskrit for “Goddess of the Harvest” Annapurna is a beautiful, Amber Oolong, grown in the pure air of the Nepali Mountains, this tea creates a rich caramel brew with a strong, silky flavor teasing the tongue with hints of apricot, grape, and malt  

Apricot Oolong: This tea smells like apricot jam, and tastes like the perfect blend of sweet apricots and tart, green oolong, perfect when you are craving spring 

Cream Oolong: The decadent result of green oolong bathed in rich milk, brewing creates a golden liquor with a delicious, creamy aroma and flavor 

Milk Oolong: Green oolong soaked in milk prior to drying brings a rich, delightful twist to a classic tea, a little more affordable than the Cream Oolong but seriously delicious 



Bourbon: Decadent vanilla infused rooibos 

African Skies: A beautiful blend of fruit and floral with green and red rooibos, blueberry and cornflower 

Montana Gold: A spicy and sweet combination of Rooibos, cinnamon, orange peel and clove; the perfect winter tea 

Shaman’s Secret: Delve into the mystic with this smoky red tea exuding notes of wine and flowers


Hibiscus Tea

Hawaiian Paradise: A tart and tantalizing blend of hibiscus and tropical fruits that will take your mind to an Island sunset 

Luscious Lychee: This sweet blend of lychee,hibiscus and other fruits is so delicious, its hard to get it into the water without sneaking a taste 

Strawberry Kiwi: This tangy blend of fruit and hibiscus is popular with kids and adults that need a responsibility timeout 



Kenyan Purple: A new and rare form of the tea plant grown Kenya with a unique flavor hinting of grapes and wine but will vary depending on brewing technique, processed like green tea, but unique in its flavor and antioxidant content 



OM: A calming blend of with calming lemongrass and rose combined with warm cardamom, cinnamon and ginger 

Pitta: (Fire) A deep red, cleansing and cooling combination; a complex and delicious blend, lightly minty and floral

Vata: (Air) A calming, warming blend with floral notes and a smooth licorice finish

Kapha: A warming blend of Ayruvedic herbs and spices with ginger, licorice, clove and cinnamon 

Shanti:A calming, holy basil based blend with a citrus flavor and notes of licorice



Green Mate': Give yourself an energy boost with a kick of caffeine from this nutrient dense classic from South America, strong, very green 

Roasted Mate': A traditional drink served in a gourd in South America, the roasting creates a deeply flavorful and toasty cup of tea, high in caffeine for a quick pick me up