What to Expect of a Chemical Face Peel

A chemical face peel is an effective way to treat those obnoxious scars, age spots, or wrinkles on your face, but some people are turned off when they hear the word "chemical." There's nothing to be afraid of, however, since similar peels have been around for centuries in the form of milk baths. These contain a similar acid to what many professionals use today in milder treatments. There are three types of peels to consider.

Mild Peels

These involve alpha-hydroxy acid applied to the topmost layers of the skin. It gently exfoliates the skin and can treat rough spots and mild discoloration. These are also called "lunchtime peels" because of how fast they are. People who get these should use sunscreen and lotion for about a week afterward, but they can go back to wearing makeup within 24-36 hours.

chemical face peel fresh skin

Medium Peels

These are used to deal with wrinkles, freckles, fine lines, and some age spots. Here, either glycolic acid or low levels of trichloroacetic acid are used to reach down into the middle layers of the skin. Some experts will even use high amounts of citric acid to do the job. These can sting, and they'll require approximately 8-12 days to heal. Since these go a little deeper, people who get them will experience some swelling and possible blistering. Most experts suggest avoiding the sun during the healing period, but makeup can be worn after a week. After about two weeks, the old skin will peel off, and the younger-looking skin will show through.

Deep Peels

These are used to eliminate shallower scars, stubborn age spots and moderate lines on the face. They're highly effective, but they can't be done often. These use higher levels or trichloroacetic acid or even phenol. The acid goes deep into the skin, and the stinging can be so intense that mild anesthesia is suggested. Deep peels are usually only offered by dermatologists because of the healing requirements. On average, it can take up to three weeks to heal from one of these, and they're not suggested for people with darker skin tones.

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