Utah Valley Pedicure (Best Value)

What To Expect In A Pedicure

Lovely, soft, and beautiful feet can be achieved with a pampering pedicure that will soften feet and leave toenails looking beautiful. Your feet are your biggest support and you use them every day to get around. With all that walking, running, and exercising, it should come as no surprise that feet go through a lot of wear and tear. Hardened skin can build up on the feet due to all the walking that a person does on any given day. It's important to take some time and show your feet some tender loving care. A pedicure is essential for removing hardened skin and keeping your feet looking healthy and beautiful.

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Utah Valley Pedicure

Pedicures start with a gentle soak for your feet. Warm water will help to soften the skin and cuticles around the toenails. While your feet soak, you may also be treated to a massage if the soaking tub contains a massage setting. A pedicurist may add oils or salts to the water in order to help soften the skin on your feet and cuticles. Additionally, some pedicurists may massage cuticle oil into around your cuticles before you place your feet into a soaking tub.

Feet Tub Soaking

After around twenty minutes, your pedicurist will remove your feet from the water start filing your feet and removing hardened skin and calluses. This is best to do when the skin is soft from being soaked in water, as the hardened skin will be easier to remove at this stage. Next, your pedicurist may file your feet with a foot filer. This removes dead skin while also smoothing out the surface of your feet. Cuticles may be removed with a cuticle nipper, although this step is not always recommended. Your pedicurist will clip and file your toenails while cleaning out excess debris that builds up underneath the toenails. This step is very important, as excess debris underneath the toenails, and especially on the big toe, can give a feeling of pressure around the toes and can even cause pain if not cleaned out.

After this step, they may place your feet back in the water for a final soak and to rinse off any excess debris. Your feet will then be dried off with a towel and lotion will be applied to your feet and halfway up your calves. A gentle massage will be applied -- possibly the best part about a pedicure. Foot massage is very relaxing and stress-relieving when applied properly. There are various points on the feet that are gently pressed during reflexology that will help the body to relax in various ways. This part of a pedicure has the power to help you relax and unwind while also boosting your mood.

Finally, polish will be applied to your toenails to help them look lovely and beautiful. Since lotion has just been applied, the cotton pad with a bit of polish remover will be gently applied to eat toenail to get the surface ready for nail polish application. A base coat will be applied to help ensure a smooth polish application. The color of your choice will be applied to your toenails -- usually, two coats will be applied to help the toenail polish look its best and to ensure a long-wearing application. The pedicure will be topped off with an application of a top coat, which seals the polish and prevents it from chipping. Before heading out the door, you will most likely want to relax for ten to twenty minutes while your toenails dry. Alternatively, you may wish to bring sandals or flip flops with you during nice weather so you can wear these home without having to worry about smearing your freshly applied polish.

Finished Pedicure

When looking for a Utah Valley pedicure, Seven Serenities Nail Salon provides the ultimate experience in relaxing and decadent pedicures to help your feet look beautiful all year long. Seven Serenities Nail Salon also provides manicures to ensure your hands look as beautiful as your feet. Call us today at (385) 203-0777 so we can help your nails look their best and help you to relax and unwind with a Utah Valley pedicure!