Utah Valley Massage

Overcome a Hectic Lifestyle By Visiting a Spa

If you live in the Utah Valley, then you probably have a busy daily lifestyle with numerous responsibilities at work and home. Rather than trying to cope with stress in an inappropriate way, seek healthy and natural ways to relax. With professional Utah Valley massage, you can eliminate the tension from the muscles and tendons throughout your body. A soothing massage can increase your overall wellness by releasing the toxins from your body’s lymph glands or preventing a painful migraine.

Utah Massage

Enjoy Cups Of Delicious Herbal Tea

When you are looking for a place to overcome stress or discomfort, look for a professional spa that offers a variety of services. The best spa has a tea cafe where you can enjoy an assortment of herbal beverages with your friends. If you have a cold, then you can drink a cup of herbal tea that is made with peppermint that will soothe a sore throat. When you are recovering from influenza, you can request chamomile tea that helps to relieve nausea.

Request an Assortment Of Massage Treatments

While visiting the spa, talk to a Utah Valley massage therapist about having treatments to reduce the pain in a stiff neck after you have worked all day on a computer. Additional massage treatments include reflexology that focuses on the soles of the feet, or you can have a Swedish massage to improve the circulation in your legs. During any type of massage, you can also enjoy other services such as the application of aromatic essential oils or listening to your favorite music.

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Enjoy a Yoga Class or Learn How To Meditate

It is possible to learn more about yoga exercise or meditation at a full-service spa. Yoga is a gentle form of exercise that is suitable for all age groups and both genders. When you are enjoying yoga exercise to release the tension in your body, you can combine this spa service with learning more about meditative practices. Learning how to meditate is an important way to release your stress while you are working in a hectic job.

Improve Your Blood Circulation With Electromagnetic Therapy

If the blood in your body isn’t circulating normally, then have a spa treatment with a Bemer mat. This device has an electromagnetic field that pulses to improve the circulation in your vascular system. One of these devices can cost thousands of dollars, but at a spa, you can enjoy vascular therapy at an affordable price. This spa treatment reduces your cholesterol levels and blood pressure while increasing the number of nutrients absorbed from the foods that you eat.

Schedule an Infrared Sauna Treatment During Your Spa Visit

When you want to warm the muscles and tendons in your body, schedule an infrared sauna session. Infrared saunas have warm air that will circulate around your body to reduce the discomfort of conditions such as arthritis or fibromyalgia. With infrared sauna treatments, you can purify your skin's pores, increase your circulation and lose excess pounds. An infrared sauna is suitable for any time of the year because this type of treatment doesn’t create a humid environment.

Have a Mineral Foot Treatment and Manicure

In addition to having a professional Utah Valley massage at Seven Serenity located in Orem, Utah, you can have other treatments such as ionic foot detoxification. With this treatment, you will place your feet in a specialized footbath that contains minerals that will remove the toxins from your entire body. After removing the toxins from your feet and body, a manicurist can trim and polish your toenails.

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