Taste Tea Catering in Orem

If you are craving a good cup of tea and are near Orem, Utah, you should consider visiting the Seven Serenity Tea Café. At Seven Serenity Tea café, tea is not just treated as an ordinary cup of tea but instead as an extraordinary experience.

Upon arrival, you will be taken through a wide selection of teas available at our Tea café by one of our staff. At Seven Serenity, we acquire the highest grade tea from around the world by building relationships with international farmers. Our staff is highly knowledgeable about what we offer and where our tea comes from. The management ensures that you will be served with tea free of pesticides, chemicals, or foreign substances that might be harmful to your health.

Seven Serenity Tea café in Orem allows you to taste tea in any flavor you want. We have a wide range of teas: green teas, black teas, white teas, oolong, herbal blends, rooibos, hibiscus, ayurvedic, tisanes tea, bubble teas, and kombucha.

Types of Tea Served with Flowers, Spices, and Herbs

Oolong tea, when added with other ingredients, brings a rich flavor and aroma to the table. You can taste varieties such as Milk Oolong, Apricot Oolong, Cream Oolong or Annapurna Oolong.

Green tea is good for your health, and it is recognized as one of the healthiest drinks in the world. It helps to increase your metabolism and physical performance. The varieties available are Dragonwell, Houjicha, Sencha, Jasmine Pearls, Genmaicha, Sweet Ginger, Matcha, and Pomegranate, Huo Shan yellow Bud or Green Lychee Blossoms.

The tea café also serves White Tea. The Machu Peach-U and Dulagiri are the two types offered, but the most popular is Machu Peach-U because of the rich smell of Calendula flower and its anti-inflammatory properties.

taste tea hibiscus

Hibiscus flower is an ingredient in certain herbal teas. Seven Serenity offers Hawaiian Paradise, Luscious Lychee, and Strawberry Kiwi. All of these offer the values and tantalizing taste of hibiscus without caffeine.

Black tea is also good for your health. Seven Serenity offers a variety of them including Assam, Darjeeling, Lapsang Souchong, Earl Grey, and Roasted Chestnut. The most popular variety is Turmeric Chai as it is believed to have many health-enhancing properties.

Tisanes ‘Herbals’ tea is believed to have anti-detoxification properties. The tea café offers Mandarin Chamomile, Tulsi Tea, Relaxation, Peppermint, Starfire Licorice, Evening in Missoula, Mariposa Garden, and Lemon Mint Cooler.

Other categories of flavored tea offered by Seven Serenity Tea Café include Purple, Matte, Ayurvedic, and Rooibos.

Taste Tea Catering Options Today

The tea café is situated at the center of Seven Serenity Spa. We offer services in massage therapy, acupuncture, beauty spa, yoga classes and a variety of food options. You may also taste tea in the salon as you relax and enjoy the serene environment. If you are making plans to visit the Tea café, call and make an appointment for a tea tasting for catering. Contact us at (385) 203- 0777 today.