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What to Expect from a Quality Tanning Salon Experience
Many people visit a tanning salon for varying purposes. For some people, they are looking forward to getting a base tan, which will help them avoid sunburns while enjoying the beach. For others, they simply wish to achieve a tan that will allow them to enhance their look while wearing their swimsuits in the summer. Perhaps your doctor recommended tanning to boost the vitamin D levels in your system. Whichever reason applies to your situation, you certainly want the best tanning experience in your chosen salon.

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Only a high-quality salon can exceed your expectations. In Orem, there is only one name that people trust: Seven Serenity. Whether it is your first time to enter the salon or you have been here (or somewhere else) few to several times, your goal is to get the best outcome.

What to Look for in a Tanning Salon

If you are like most women, you want to have that golden glow throughout the year. The easiest way is to visit the salon in your area where you can get an even color that lasts. The problem though is that there are several different salons around, especially in Orem. You want to pick the best so you do not experience the horrors that you may have heard before. 

To help you pick, here are some factors to look for so you can have the perfect tan: 

The range of services: Tanning is not limited to using a sunbed, which is why you may want to use a cream or spray. Some customers want to mix and match every now and then. They get a base tan with a tanning bed and they will use an instant spray tan to top it up. The salon should have a range of services, along with some accessories, so you do not have to go anywhere else. 

Proper advice: Not everyone is an expert in tanning. Most people are beginners, which is why they need guidance. Unfortunately, it is easy to overdo the tanning sessions while on a sunbed, which can cause serious skin damage. A top salon will give you recommendations and advice, along with a set of guidelines so you are safe throughout the process. 

Expert staff: The employees should not just be helpful and polite but also knowledgeable in tanning. When talking to them, you should easily get the right answers if you have questions. You can also ask for suggestions regarding the best products for your skin type and give you other useful information. 

Sunbed selection: One of the biggest mistakes of those who go to salons to get a tan is that they will get out of the room with the color they have been dreaming of. There are several things to consider but what matters is that you have the best experience. Some people want a tanning bed where they can enjoy a bit of pampering while others want to get the best tan in the shortest possible time. The salon should cater for everyone and should have a range of equipment, such as horizontal sunbeds, high-speed booths, and others. 

One salon may be as modern and sophisticated as it gets. However, if it is not clean, you should not trust it. Most of the time, you will strip down to your bare skin, which is why the equipment you will use should be sanitary and well-maintained. The booths should have essentials, so you can quickly wipe the equipment before and after using it.

What You Will See and Do Before Tanning

Before you enter the establishment, you may already have some elements in your mind that make up the salon. In the tanning room, expect to see different tanning levels, beds that come with timers, fans, and often, different tanning lotions. Music players are also offered for the customers, so they can relax during the tanning session. 

In Seven Serenity, the first thing that you will encounter is a questionnaire. Good tanning businesses make sure that you answer their skin type survey before you start the procedure. You should not go ahead and tan without this survey, especially if you are a new customer. 

After having your skin type assessed and determined, an employee will offer you a lotion, which you can apply so that you will tan faster. There are also lotions that will help extend your tan. These products are not required, so you do not have to use them if you do not want to. However, you will benefit from them if you apply them on your skin before tanning. 

The lotions contain ingredients that promote healthy-looking skin while keeping it moist and soft. Moisture is essential because you do not want your skin to look dry, which is inevitable after the tanning session. Also, lotions help improve the results by at least 40% depending on the product. 

After you have answered the skin type survey and you have your lotion, you will be required to wear goggles. Never forget your goggles because laying down on a tanning bed, even for just a few minutes, can cause serious eye damage. A well-trained employee may also show you how to utilize the bed, particularly if you have not tried one before.

Tips for Beginners in Tanning

A successfully tanned skin is not impossible, especially with the tips below: 

Read about tanning. As with everything, it always helps to be informed before you go to the salon. You may want to read some articles about another person’s tanning experience or watch a video that shows how the whole procedure works. 

Showering and exfoliating will boost the results. When showering, you want to use a scrubbing sponge or soap with abrasive properties to help with the exfoliation. These methods will make your skin smoother and get rid of dead cells on top of your skin. The result is a tan that lasts longer. 

Use a tanning lotion. As much as possible, do not settle for the cheap products on the market. While they may help you save, they usually do not work as well as the high-quality ones. You do not have to spend a fortune to get an effective product. However, the right lotion will help increase the tan anywhere from 40% to 70%, which are indeed incredible numbers. Your skin will not just be tanner but also smoother and softer. 

Do not abuse your skin. One of the most common mistakes of newbies is that they think staying in the tanning bed longer will give them the result they are searching for. It is not recommended at all because it can damage your skin and worse, your health. 

Remember that the bed has UVA rays, which can be harmful to your body. For first-timers, they are advised to have sessions lasting from six to eight minutes. Even those who have tanned before may need to stay within this range for a few more sessions before they can bump it up. Make sure you listen to the staff so you do not get yourself in trouble. 

Avoid the salon if you get burned. It is not permanent but you should not tan again if you get burned until you are completely healed. Most of the time, you will be advised to decrease the amount of time you spend on the tanning bed and you should not feel bad about it. 

Make sure you have your goggles on. Some people think that goggles are unnecessary and may even create lines when they wear them. You need to protect your eyes, just like you shield them from the sun when it gets too hot. If you forget your goggles, you may want to skip the session unless you are willing to drive back to your place to get them. Some salons have goggles ready for their clients, so you may want to ask the staff if you can borrow one. 

Use a lotion that extends the tanning effect. Tan extenders will help you maintain your tan for a long time. These products contain bronzers, which enhance your color and even give you that glowy finish. 

You may have heard about the dangers of tanning. However, if you tan in moderation and you know the limitations, you can stay safe. With the guidance of the staff at Seven Serenity, you can achieve the tanned color that you have always dreamed of and maintain it for a long time.