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Microblanding has grown in popularity and is as common as a haircut for those beauties conscious people and for good reason. Microblading offers a lot of value.


Microblading benefits include:

You barely feel a thing

The application of microblading is not painful to begin with but can be a bit irritating. When you visit us for your appointment, our microblogging artist applies an incredibly soothing numbing cream. The numbing cream makes the application of eyebrows painless.

Your getting ready time goes down

As you are probably well aware, getting ready for work or to go out can take a while. Imagine having beautiful eyebrows without applying any makeup. Microblading does just that. No maintenance and ready to go beautiful eyebrows. You can even have awesome looking brows while your camping or out doing things you normally wouldn't get ready for.

They last for 1-3 years

Depending on sun exposure, microblogging lasts 1-3 years. That means you can change the shape of the brows after 1-3 years as you find a new look you love. That's where the semi-permanent part comes in. Not a bad investment considering the benefits.

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Microblading Deal in Orem