Manicure (Orem's Best)

Life can be so stressful and busy. The exhaustion can really get to you if you aren’t careful. Taking a little bit of “me” time is necessary to make sure you are ready for all of the challenges that life throws your way. One of the most relaxing ways to quiet your mind and recharge is to treat yourself to a manicure. The experience of having your hands and nails cared for gives you a bit of much deserved time to focus on yourself. Here is what to look for when shopping around for the right salon for your self-care manicure.



Some nail salons take walk-ins, but as a general rule, it is always best to make an appointment. If you walk in without an appointment, chances are you will have to wait to be seen because those with appointments will take priority. That being said, if you have made an appointment, you should not have to wait more than a few minutes to be seen. Having your time wasted can really ruin the manicure experience from the very beginning, so make sure the salon service you pick has a reputation for professional courtesy. 


Whether you are getting a manicure for a special occasion or hoping to make manicures a more regular part of your routine, it is important that you feel pampered and uplifted at the end of the experience. Enjoying your manicure is the whole point of it, so make sure it looks the way you want it to. Along with common sense tips like making sure your nail technician has a license displayed, you want to keep your eye out for a wide range of colors and a plethora of manicure styles to choose from. 
Manicure After

FULL MANICURE EXPERIENCE (Not just your nails)

Most people think of colorful paint and artificial nails when they hear the term “manicure”, but a good manicure can be so much more than just beautiful nails. Hand massages, exfoliations, and wax dips are just some of the relaxation services that can really elevate your manicure experience. Taking time to enjoy the process, and not just the final result, can truly take your rejuvenation experience to the next level. It is a simple way to help alleviate stress and keep your hands looking and feeling their best.
Manicure Services

Shopping for the perfect salon for your manicure can be stressful whether you are a regular to the ritual or not. Thankfully, Seven Serenities Of Orem, Utah has the atmosphere and amenities to make your manicure a luxurious and memorable one. Their manicure, pedicure and massage services will have you feeling like a brand new you. Seven Serenities’ tea cafe also has the perfect blends of both exotic and classic teas that make the perfect refreshment after an indulgent experience. Don’t waste another second. Call (385) 203-0777 to book your health, wellness or beauty appointment now. you’ll be one step closer to feeling positively fabulous! You deserve it.