How Eyelash Extensions Work

Many people want to know how eyelash extensions work. Eyelash extensions are lashes that are made out of synthetic or natural fibers. They look and feel like your natural lashes. Mink, sable, silk, and synthetic are the different types of lash extensions.

A lot of skill and detailed procedure is required to install eyelashes. Every lash will be attached to your natural lashes individually. An adhesive will be used to attach the lash to your natural lashes.

This process can take anywhere from one to two hours. Your eye will need to be free of oil and makeup. Your eyelashes will also need to be cleaned prior to getting eyelash extensions.

How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Last?

Your eyelash extensions will last until your natural lashes grow out. This can take anywhere from four to eight weeks. You can maintain the results by getting a touch-up. You may have to come back for a touch up every two to three weeks.

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Is it Painful to Get Eyelash Extensions?

Many people think that since glue and tweezers are used, it is painful to get eyelash extensions. However, it is not painful because it is a non-invasive procedure. A small percentage of people are allergic to the eyelash material or glue, and they may experience discomfort and burning.

This is a safe procedure. You will not have to worry about any glue getting into your eyes because they will be closed the entire time. Furthermore, eyelash extensions will not cause any harm to your natural lashes.

What to Do After Getting Eyelash Extensions

There are a few things that you will need to do after you get your eyelash extensions. You will need to avoid getting water on your eyelashes for 24 to 48 hours. The water will weaken the glue.

You should also avoid hot showers and saunas for one or two days after getting eyelash extensions. You can wash your eyelash extensions two days after you get them. This will prevent infections.

Can you Remove the Eyelash Extensions Yourself?

It is possible for you to remove the eyelash extensions yourself. However, it is best for you to go back to the salon if you want to have your eyelash extensions removed.

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