How Couples Massage Therapy Benefits a Relationship

When couples think of strengthening their relationships, they often look to counseling and emotional insight as a means of growing their bond. While those methods do provide valuable insight, there's also something to be said for more physical types of therapy. Research backs up the idea that activities like massage therapy can help couples reconnect and even grow closer.

A Recent Study Outlines Massage Therapy Benefits

The results of a recent study that looked at the effects of couples massage therapy were revealed at an annual conference for the British Psychological Society. The study involved 19 couples for a total of 38 subjects, who were asked to participate in a massage course lasting three weeks. To quantify the findings, each individual was asked to fill out a survey preceding and immediately following each massage session. The questions were designed to outline the emotional state of each participant.

The questionnaire explored the participant's evaluation of his or her:

Energy level


Mental clarity


Physical pain levels

Emotional stress

Physical rigidness

The researchers examining the results found that the partners experienced improved well-being overall, while stress levels were decreased and coping abilities were boosted. They also discovered that these effects of the massages lasted throughout the duration of the three-week study. The couples were so impressed with the results of this experiment that more than 75% of them reported continuing massage therapy after the study had ended.

couples massage therapy benefits relationship

Massage Therapy Helps Couples Strengthen Their Bonds

Typically, a couples massage therapy session takes place in a facility designed to promote relaxation and intimacy. This environment, combined with the physical sensation of the massages, helps couples feel closer to one another. The experience provides the many benefits of a traditional massage, while also giving the partners a shared memory to cherish. After each session, the couple may spend time discussing the experience, or the emotions and thoughts that the tranquil environment evoked.

This type of shared intimacy is especially helpful to couples, when they may be feeling disconnected from one another. The tensions that build between the partners, often resulting from concerns over career, money, or children, can be alleviated through a session. As the massage helps each partner to relax, those tensions dissipate and partners are able to put their problems into perspective.

Brain Stimulation Boosts Emotional Health

The pleasurable experience of couples massage therapy encourages the brain to release endorphins, which are hormones designed to stimulate positive feelings. During the massage, these hormones promote the partners to feel more affection for one another. This helps each partner feel closer to the other and they leave the session with a tighter bond between them. Improved emotional health helps to build a stronger relationship.

In addition to improved emotional health and a closer connection, the partners often feel physically healthier. Massages help to heal muscle and loosen knots, which can reduce inflammation and pain. Many people experiencing massage therapy report increased mobility. The overall physical benefits encourage couples to continue participating in massages over a longer period.

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