Foot Cleanse (Ionic Foot Detox)

The human body is exposed to a host of environmental toxins on a daily basis. Given the chance to build up, these toxic substances can cause fatigue, weight gain, aches, dullness in the skin and hair, and an overall feeling of unwellness. Fortunately, there are several cleansing therapies available to help your body expel toxins. Here at the Seven Serenity Wellness Spa, we offer the Ionic Foot Detox treatment. This relaxing cleanse is among the fastest and easiest ways to remove toxins.

How Does an Ionic Foot Detox Work?

In Reflexology, the feet have long been thought of as a natural passage for toxins to exit the body. Sweating is one of the body’s most effective methods for expelling waste material and toxins. Since they are known to produce large amounts of sweat, the feet are an excellent site for cleansing therapies.

The Ionic Foot Detox utilizes electrodes in a saltwater solution to produce positive electrical ions and create a magnetized environment. The negatively-charged toxins and heavy metals present in the body are attracted to the positive charge in the water and are then drawn out into the soaking solution. The water in the bath will typically change color or bubble as the body expels toxins into the water. It may also be possible to see the expelled waste material in the water in the form of small pieces or a surface film.

During a foot cleanse treatment at our Wellness Spa, you can enjoy relaxing while your feet soak in the soothing warm bath. After the soak, any toxins on the skin’s surface will be gently washed away. Lastly, you will be treated to a foot massage using a cream that naturally combats fungus, bacteria, and viruses.

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Benefits of a Foot Cleanse

After getting a foot cleanse, many people report a variety of positive effects such as a feeling of increased energy, relief from minor pains, a stronger immune system, better sleep, and healthier skin. Weight loss is another common benefit as the metabolism is enabled to work more efficiently.

An ionic foot cleanse is a great addition to any of our other services at Seven Serenity Wellness Spa. We offer a wide selection of delicious, fair trade teas for you to indulge in, as well as yoga classes, massage therapy, and acupuncture.

Why not experience the benefits of Ionic Foot Detox for yourself? At Seven Serenity, our experienced therapists and calming setting make foot cleansing a great way to care for yourself and relax at the same time. To schedule an appointment or for more information, please contact our Wellness Spa at 385-203-0777. We look forward to seeing you soon!