Eyelash Extensions in Orem (2019 Best Value)

A Complete Guide To The Best Eyelash Extensions

The Basics of Eyelash Extensions

You may have thought about extending your eyelashes. Perhaps you saw someone with sensational eyelashes and started wondering what was involved. It is important not to confuse the lash extensions you can put on at home using a semi-permanent adhesive with professional lash extensions. The best extensions are applied at a salon by a trained professional. In most cases, they are only applied to your upper lashes. Exceptional eyelash extensions are available in clusters or individual lash applications in Orem at Seven Serenity. They are available in a partial or full set. With a partial set, the extensions are attached from the center to the outside of your lash line. The full set applies an extension to each individual lash. The best part is all of the options can be customized.

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Important Considerations

The most important considerations include the shape, size, orientation, and color of your eyes, your eyelids, your natural lashes, preferences, and any sensitivities or allergies. Your eyes may have around, almond, downturned, upturned or protruding shape, be large, small or somewhere in between, your eyelids may be hooded or monolids and your eyes can be close-set, wide set or deep set. You must also consider the curl, color, volume and length of your lashes, whether you prefer a dramatic or glamorous look and any allergies. Seven Serenity in Orem takes all of these details into consideration before determining which lash extensions are ideal.

Animal Fur Lash Extensions

Lash extensions are made from either animal fur or man-made materials. There are a wide variety of materials available to achieve your desired look while fitting into your budget. You will be able to discuss all of the available options with a lash artist. Mink lashes are made from the tail fur of either Chinese or Siberian minks. The most desirable and premium fur comes from the Siberian mink. Mink lashes provide a natural look because they are close to the luster and appearance of your natural lashes. If you have any sensitivities to animal fur, you should choose man-made lashes.

Sable lashes are more fluffy and fine than mink lashes. This is the lightest material available for lash extensions. This type of lash will work extremely well for you if your natural lashes are extremely fine. Sable lashes are not as easy to find as the mink. In some cases, they will have to be special ordered. This is not a good choice if you have thicker lashes or any fur allergies. One of the hottest current trends is fox fur lashes. When fox fur is in the natural state, it is soft with a lovely reddish hue. Fox fur lash extensions are also available dyed in the ombre style or with black tips.

It is important to understand that although animal fur lashes have a natural appearance and are lightweight, a perm is required to give them a curl. You will have to perm your lashes to maintain the curl. If you are willing to do the upkeep, they are a sensational choice. If you prefer something maintenance free, you should consider man-made lashes. The number one benefit of man-made lashes is the beautiful curl. You also do not have to give them a perm.

Faux-Fox and Faux-Mink Lash Extensions

If you want less expensive and easier to care for fox or mink extensions, faux lashes may be a perfect choice. The manufactures of lash extensions have become incredibly innovative. The lashes they are making are not only less expensive, but they are also fluttery, light as a feather and absolutely beautiful. There are a nice variety of different styles available to complement your eyelashes. The lashes are handmade, high quality, available in different volumes and lengths, are animal-friendly and extremely comfortable to wear.

There are lash extensions referred to as silk eyelashes, but they are not made using genuine silk such as what scarves and blouses are made from. Silk lash extensions are spectacular but meant more for a special occasion as opposed to wearing every day. This is because of they one of the heavier lash extensions. Many people do not find them as comfortable to wear as the other options. The least natural and heaviest lashes are synthetic. Despite this, many individuals find them comfortable and love the soft luster and sheen so common in animal fur. Synthetic lashes will provide a much more dramatic look.

Volume lash extensions are often referred to as XD lash extensions or Russian lashes. These lashes embrace the new trend for plenty of volumes. If you choose this kind of extension, between two and six extremely lightweight lashes, will be applied by your lash artist to every single one of your natural lashes. There are numerous different options available with volume lash extensions. In most cases, mink or silk are used to make these lashes. This application method is different from any of the others. This means if you want lashes with plenty of volume and appeal, you will need to spend a little more time at the salon.

The Importance of Curl Type and Length

Curl Type and Length

There are a wide variety of lengths available for lash extensions. In most cases, this ranges from nine to fifteen millimeters. Your stylist will choose the length according to the fineness or thickness of your natural lashes. You can enjoy a longer extension if your natural lashes are thick and long. If your lashes are shorter or sparse, a shorter extension is recommended. This will still provide you with a sensational set of lashes. The average person has lashes somewhere in the middle.

Once the right length has been determined, the next step is choosing the curl type. The most natural style is called the J curl. If you are looking for maximum drama and effect, you will prefer the C curl. This provides a much more dramatic curl for your eye's outer edges. The majority of Asian women have natural lashes that are considerably straighter. The curl is extremely important because it provides a dramatic change in their appearance as well as a lot of fun.

The Fabulous Color

In addition to all the choices available for the material of your lash extensions and the curl, length, and volume, there is also a nice variety of color choices. Black is classic and will never be out of style. If you choose to be more daring, you can choose a set of colored lashes. You can even mix a more natural color with a few of the colored lashes mixed in. This provides a nice random color pop very similar to highlighted hair. The eyelids of the average person have between 100 and 150 eyelashes. This means your stylist has nearly infinite ways to provide you with a customized and sensational look.


The Salon

Chances are good you would never go to a disreputable salon to have your hair cut or get a manicure. This is because you know the artistry, skill, and experience of the person cutting and styling your hair or shaping your nails is critical. The last things you want is crooked bangs or a bad hairstyle. The same is true with eyelash extensions. You do not want to risk losing eyelashes because they were not applied by a professional. In all seriousness, this can destroy your entire day. Seven Serenity in Orem has professionally trained, creative and experienced eyelash artists. You can be assured of being matched with the perfect lash extensions to meet your expectations. You will also smile every time someone says you have exquisite eyelashes.