Best Tea Shops (Loose Leaf - Highest Grade)



Herbal tea is an excellent substitute for coffee because it does not contain drugs like caffeine. Herbal tea is made from a large variety of flowers, leaves, roots, petals, and sometimes seeds. Drinking tea has many health benefits, including but not limited to, raising your metabolism, relieving pain, boosting the immune system, stimulating cognitive function, ward off diseases, and preventing sleep disorders.

Drinking Herbal Tea To Improve Your Health

Herbal teas are composed of natural ingredients that enhance its flavor when brewed with hot water. A touch of dandelion or ginger will reduce indigestion. To help you relax, you can add some mint or rosehip to your tea leaves. Herbal remedies like chamomile produce a calming effect whereas thyme protects your body against viral infections. But it's advised that you look up the herbs before trying to brew your own herbal tea.


Organic herbal teas are infused with vitamins and minerals essential for your health. Herbal tea may possess nutrients like antioxidants, catechins, alkaloids, or proteins. When deciding on the best herbal tea remedy, remember that some teas contain fruit flavoring as a sweetener while others are mixed with herbs that do have therapeutic uses despite their bitter taste. Make sure to avoid any teas that use artificial ingredients or added chemicals and preservatives.

What are some of the best tea shops in town? If you're looking to buy exquisite, foreign teas imported from around the world, then you should visit a local tea shop. As a tea enthusiast, you might've already heard of the Samovar Tea Bar in San Francisco, possibly the Hu Xin Ting Teahouse in Shanghai. But traveling to a different country just to enjoy a warm cup of tea is unnecessary.

Seven Serenity's Tea Cafe and Spa In Orem, Utah

One of the best tea shops in America is definitely Seven Serenity's working tea shop. At Seven Serenity, we import the highest grade tea from reputable distributors that get it right from international farmers who harvest the herbs. Our tea cafe has the finest teas on our menu so sample a cup of green, white, or black tea. But we do offer oolong, rooibos, hibiscus, ayurvedic, and tisanes tea as well. You can learn more about our selections at the Seven Serenity Tea Cafe.

Best Tea Shop in Utah Valley

The tea cafe guarantees all herbal teas are collected from eco-friendly sources. We only use organic ingredients but if you are still unsure then why not call us for a sample delivery? We have tea catering for special days featuring premium teas including Hawaiian Paradise and Earl Grey. Once you're done, you can book an appointment for a massage therapist, take a rest at the infrared sauna, and attend one of our yoga sessions.

Don't forget to visit Seven Serenity for a special tea cafe experience. We are located at 360 State Street, Orem.