Best Spray Tan in Orem

Do you ever find yourself in front of your bathroom mirror, looking just like the ghost of Christmas past? But, it’s not December. And you didn’t set out to do your best imitation of a pale-faced apparition.

You need a tan and you need it now so the people in your life don’t keep asking, “Are you feeling okay?”

Of course, if you've got more money than you know what to do with, a rocket ride to Belize or Mexico during the winter months can get you the look you crave. But who needs blisters, sunburn and the amount of cash it takes to keep you on that beach long enough to look like a million bucks? Further, why risk cancer in the name of looking good?


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Best Spray Tan in Orem

You need a top-notch spray tan and you won’t find it waiting for you on the shelf of your favorite retail store. You need the Seven Serenity spray tan delivered by staff at one of the most relaxing places on the planet.

One visit is all it takes to turn you into a stunning version of yourself that can only be described as amazing and we offer you 10 good reasons to check us out.

1. Because cheaply-made formulations can do you more harm than good. You need a professional-grade product that’s been tested, found safe and used exclusively by staff at Seven Serenity.

2. Because only a spray tan treatment is designed to deliver the fine, all-over mist that makes you look like you just got off a plane from Cancun.

3. Because a spray tan product in the hands of your BFF has the potential to go awry, leaving more product on your walls and floor than it does on your body. Our spray tan suite is designed just for a thorough application.

4. Because nothing is as sexy as a tan, especially if you intend to show a lot of skin. We’re not being judgmental here, but if you need an excuse to take it all off, nothing surpasses a spray tan.

5. Because today’s technology, paired with state-of-the-art chemicals and botanicals, not only make you look healthy and glowing, but tanning products we use have been tested for allergic reactions before we apply them.

6. Because women and men who have had to deal with skin imperfections that they would rather not advertise find in a spray tan the perfect cover-up. Whether you’ve got stretch marks, varicose veins, birthmarks or acne, spray tans do the job where other products fail, so your confidence could skyrocket.

7. Because you’ve been sick, depressed or in a slump and you’re finally ready to get back into the swing of things. A great spray tan can make all of the difference in the world and you’re welcome to start your re-emergence by posting a selfie on social media. You’ll need less makeup while your tan is in full bloom, too.

8. Because you’ve been looking for a reason to exfoliate your entire body and you know that by covering every inch of skin with a loofa and sugar scrub 12 hours before your tanning appointment, you’ll get the most glorious post-spray tan results.

9. Because today’s smart tan application process paired with the market’s best spray tan product are an unbeatable pair. You won’t come away looking like a pumpkin. Results can last up to 10 days, so if you’ve got multiple events on your schedule, one treatment is all you need to get through every one of them.

10. Because a properly applied spray tan can make you look thinner and healthier, which is why so many people are asked, “Did you just lose some weight?” Some of this has to do with the confidence you carry with you after your skin is treated to a lovely tan.

A recent survey of women undergoing tanning sessions revealed that 86-percent of respondents said that they were told that getting a spray tan made them look more “toned” and who are we to disagree?

Spray Tan

Where to get the best spray tan Utah has to offer?


It’s hard to be modest when talking about heaven on earth, but there is only one answer to that question: Seven Serenity, Orem, Utah’s epicenter of healing and therapy where the process of spray tanning has been elevated to an art.

Founder Victoria LaFontaine’s native Chippewa sensibilities underpin every natural healing service offered by staff, and spray tanning is but one of the choices you are offered at this Orem haven. Why go to a professional to apply your tan rather than doing it yourself at home? Let us count the ways!

-You don’t have the equipment it takes to deliver a uniform tan to every inch of your body and you certainly don’t want to wind up looking like the Calico cat perched in your neighbor’s window.

-Your job is to relax and let people who have been trained to do the job pamper you so expertly, you walk away from your appointment looking every inch the goddess or god.

-At Seven Serenity, products we use have been tested, found safe and meet standards we demand from every product used on salon guests. There is no risk. The main ingredient in tanning formulations we use may sound formidable (Dihydroxyacetone), but the main ingredient in DHA is a sugar compound.

-With every spray tan session, you save your skin from the aging process that takes place when spending the amount of time in the sun it takes to get the all-over look you crave. Undergo professional spray tanning treatments and not only will you feel slimmer and look toned, but you could feel younger, too.

-Seven Serenity staff members are true artisans when it comes to matching skin tones with spray tan colors. What Monet did for the success of the Impressionist movement can be said about staffers at Seven Serenity who have been trained to match skin tones.

-Our clients love knowing that they don’t have to load up their address books with long lists of beauty service providers because they trust Seven Serenity to deliver on peace of mind as well as myriad services.

-In addition to our popular spray tan service we also offer superior waxing options, hire Utah’s best massage therapists and our tea café and bar is a hot spot that draws like-minded people from every walk of life. Get a tan. Make a friend. It's that kind of place!

If you haven’t tried a salon spray tanning experience, we warn you: these can be addicting. Once you see how your appearance has been revitalized during tanning sessions that take less time than a lunch break, you’re going to be hooked. But we assure you: it's a good kind of hooked.

Just in case you seek more reassurance, we turned to Dr. Bobby Ghaheri, who blogs for, asking for his professional opinion on spray tanning products and application since folks turn to the MD for advice. His words? “All in all, are you taking a giant risk in getting a spray tan? Realistically, no you aren’t.”

A single spray service says all you need to know about changing the way you feel about yourself and when you put yourself into the hands of Seven Serenity professionals, one post-tan look in the mirror is all you need to ask yourself, “Why didn’t I do this before now?”

We invite you to call Seven Serenity and ask about our tanning services at (385) 203-0777. Better yet, call a friend, ask him or her to join you and share your adventure. You'll be delighted that you did.