Best Pedicure in Orem

Are your feet ready for sandal season? Strappy shoes and peep-toe heels say summer is just around the corner. A pedicure in Orem can not only make you feel refreshed, it can also make your feet look beautiful.

A Good Pedicure Experience

There's a reason why many people choose to book an hour or so at the salon to get their nails done - you will be taken care of by an expert who knows what they're doing. It is also convenient to have someone else do your nails for you. You can ask for customized nail art like the trends you see in a magazine, which requires a precise and steady hand. A good nail salon will give you the exact nail design you are looking for.


What To Look For In A Salon

Before you slip into the pedicure chair, take note of some key details that will make your pedicure in Orem a positive one:

What is the atmosphere like at the salon? Good nail salons will have quiet music playing, perhaps a few candles, and lower lighting. A spa should be an oasis. Loud music and bright lighting are certainly not relaxing!
How hygienic is the establishment? Clean tools are essential because this reduces the risk of infection. The nail technician should have tools that have been sanitized prior to using them on your feet.
When the nail technician goes in to buff your feet, they should ideally be using a buffer with a metal surface, as this is softer on your feet than the razor-like tools used at some establishments.


A good pedicurist will help avoid ingrown nails by not cutting too close to the side wall. Communicate with your nail technician about the shape that you want for your nails - they will typically ask if you want them round or straight.

A good pedicure will last up to 3 weeks with minimal upkeep - at home, all you'll need to do is buff them every other day and apply a little cuticle oil.

A Pedicure Experience You Can Trust

Seven Serenities Nail Salon, Pedicure, and Manicures offers a soothing atmosphere for you to relax and recharge. There is a tea cafe where you can choose a cup of fair-trade tea to enjoy during your pedicure. The nail technicians at Seven Serenities are committed to making your experience the best possible. Call (385) 203-0777 to set up an appointment.