Beginner Yoga Exercises

When you want to improve your physical or mental well-being in an easy and relaxing way, enrolling in yoga classes is a perfect choice. While you may have seen experienced yoga practitioners using difficult poses, beginner yoga exercises are simple to do. Here is a list of some of the yoga postures that you can enjoy in a yoga class.

Yoga Posture 1: Caterpillar Pose

The caterpillar pose is one of the easiest yoga postures, and you won't need to twist your body into a pretzel-shape while performing it. With caterpillar pose, you sit on the floor while stretching your legs in front of you. Lean forward slowly as far as you can. The goal of caterpillar pose is to rest your head on your knees, but don't force the posture. If you can only lean forward partially, then that is okay. While performing this pose, stretch your arms forward to place your palms on the floor by your feet.

caterpillar pose beginner yoga exercises

Yoga Posture 2: Snake Pose

While this is called snake pose, you won't hold any cobras or pythons in your yoga class. With this pose, you will lie face down on a soft mat. The goal of this pose is to increase the flexibility of your spine with an easy posture. There are two ways to complete this pose, and if you have an inflexible back, then begin with the first one that involves clasping your hands behind your back while lifting your head and neck. Hold this position while counting to 10 before placing your face back on the mat. The more difficult pose requires lifting your upper body with your hands flat on the mat so that you are looking at the wall.

snake pose beginner yoga exercises

Yoga Posture 3: Bridge Pose

With bridge pose, you recline on your soft mat while placing your arms and hands along the sides of your body. The goal of the bridge pose is to lift your body toward the ceiling while resting on your shoulders. You will do this by moving your feet slowly toward your hands on the mat. Make sure to support your head during this pose, and with additional practice, your back becomes more flexible.

bridge pose beginner yoga exercises

Yoga Posture 4: Lightning Bolt Pose

Lightning bolt pose is a standing posture, but you can stand on your soft mat. The goal of this posture is to improve your balance, but it also helps to strengthen your ankles, thighs, and hips. With this pose, you will bend your knees slightly while tilting your upper body forward slightly, but at the same time, you should stretch your arms toward the ceiling. By standing in front of a mirror, you can adjust your body into the lightning bolt shape.

lightning bolt pose beginner yoga exercises

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