Acupuncture Therapy: How It Works

When you visit a day spa, you will want to have a massage to relieve your body pain, but there are also additional day spa services that can help you overcome discomfort. Acupuncture is one of the services that you can request at a spa for these problems:

  • Nausea, vomiting or diarrhea
  • Chronic menstrual pain
  • Arthritic condition discomfort
  • Pain from migraines
  • Muscle and tendon tension
  • Seasonal allergies
  • Neck and back pain
  • Depression or anxiety
  • Infertility
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Obesity

Acupuncture Therapy Is Performed With Thin Sterilized Needles

Talk to the acupuncturist about your health problems so that they can plan a course of treatments using thin sterilized needles. The acupuncturist will use new needles that are in special wrappers that keep the items clean. Each needle is inserted into the skin, and the items will remain in place for 20 to 50 minutes. In some cases, the acupuncturist will flick the tip of the needle so that it moves slightly to apply pressure against certain nerves in your body. An acupuncturist can move the needles up and down, or they might turn the items in your skin to help you overcome an illness or pain.

Acupuncture Therapy spa

How Can You Prepare For Acupuncture At a Spa?

An entire acupuncture session can last as long as one hour, and during this time, you may recline on a padded table, or you might remain seated in a chair. Make sure to wear loose clothing that permits rolling up your shirt sleeves or pant legs so that the acupuncturist can insert the sterilized needles into your forearms or knees. The acupuncturist will clean your skin with an alcohol pad to eliminate any pathogens from your skin before inserting the needles.

What Are the Benefits From Acupuncture Therapy Treatments?

There are multiple benefits from acupuncture treatments, including:

  • Improving your energy levels
  • Reducing physical discomfort
  • Relieving sadness and anxiety
  • Increasing your body's blood circulation
  • Eliminating digestive issues

Is Acupuncture Treatment Painful?

You might worry about feeling pain from the insertion of the acupuncture needles, but the items are extremely thin, and the acupuncturist uses the proper insertion techniques. After the needles are inserted, you may feel a sensation of tingling or numbness as the nerves in your body are affected by the sharp needles. At the end of your acupuncture session, the needles are removed by the acupuncturist who will throw the items away safely. After the acupuncture treatment is over, you might want to enjoy other types of day spa services.

Contact Us To Schedule an Acupuncture Treatment

If you are having an acupuncture treatment at Seven Serenity Day Spa and Tea Bar in Orem, Utah, then you can relax after the needles are inserted while having a drink of hot tea. There are numerous types of teas available so that you can feel more energized or relaxed after a customized acupuncture treatment. To schedule an acupuncture treatment, call Seven Serenity Day Spa and Tea Bar today at 385-203-0777.