Best Massage Therapist in Orem Utah County

It's not difficult to talk anyone into getting a massage.  We've been told we offer the best massages in Orem UtahWe love them!  However, sometimes a back rub from our favorite guy or gal just doesn't cut it to lower our stress.  Life's stresses impact us in a profound way.  It's then that we need to call a professional massage therapist!  And licensed professional massage therapists can be found in abundance at Seven Serenity.  Massage therapy can enhance our physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

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Some days we just need to shake loose all of the pressure that we feel.  That's where the traditional Swedish, or stone, massage comes in.  With moderate applied pressure, it relaxes the tight and stressed muscles.  However, there are some days when we need more.  A deep tissue massage uses more precise and heavy pressure on trigger points to relieve areas of tightened muscles.  As it so happens, not all pain should be dealt with this way.  When we're injured, we lose muscle tone, usually from lack of use.  These muscles get stiff and inflexible.  A muscle recovery, or sports, massage is the answer.  This uses the amount of pressure necessary to oxygenate the muscles which are injured and restores blood flow for flexibility and mass, aiding in physical therapy.  Suffering from low back and hip pain due to pregnancy?  Our specialization in pregnancy massage will deliver! 

So what should we do before and after a massage?  Water.  A massage not only soothes sore muscles, it also releases lactic acid which gets trapped in the muscle.  Staying well-hydrated flushes these toxins out which will further reduce stress to the body.  Not only will we relax and unwind our core muscles and have fewer toxins in our system, but a thorough massage can help with anxiety, headaches, digestion issues, and insomnia.  Overall a message will provide a sense of well-being and induce mental relaxation.   Massages are for everyone from mom's to kids to athletes to homebodies.  The time of a massage can vary, so make sure to ask a certified massage therapist to help you in deciding what massage is best for you.


Seven Serenity has the best massage services available.  Their massage therapists are all qualified and experienced in every form of massage, which are available at competitive rates.  Throw in the Tea Cafe they have downstairs which can help out with rehydrating and improving the detoxification process, and you're in for the most de-stressing time of your life.