Benefits of Tea (Organic Blends)

Tea is perhaps among the best examples of whole foods and beverages that boast several properties for ideal health. In numerous studies, the benefits of tea have been scientifically proven. The base of tea varieties, including green tea and black tea, have their own health-enhancing attributes. Additionally, many of the added herbs, flowers, and spices aid with the powerhouse benefits of tea. When you drink organic varieties, not only are you avoiding harmful chemicals, but the potency of your tea properties can be even stronger.

Tea Foundations That Foster Health

Take oolong tea for example. Oolong is the foundation in many brews and oolong alone can reduce the risk of heart disease, lower your cancer risk, help prevent diabetes, aid in weight loss, reduce inflammation, and thwart bone loss.

No doubt you’ve read green tea is terrific for you. However, do you realize the full scope of how beneficial it is? Among one of the healthiest drinks on the planet, green tea has been proven to improve your brain function, increase your metabolism and physical performance, and lower your risk of breast cancer, prostate cancer, and colorectal cancer. Green tea can also destroy bacteria, therefore improving dental health and lowering your risk of infection. Green tea has also been studied and found to reduce death from ailments like heart disease and stroke by significant amounts.

benefits of tea flowers

The Spices of Life, Along with Some Flowers and Herbs

Several of the spices, herbs, and floral flavorings in teas have excellent benefits to the body. Take our Machu Peach-u white tea blend, for example. The advantages of the Calendula flower in this tea, for example, are many. Calendula has anti-inflammatory properties, is calmative to muscle spasms, can help heal ulcers, and improves oral health.

Tulsi, which also goes by the name of holy basil, is extremely helpful to your body. Tulsi tea, as in our Holy Detox brew, can help fight acne, diabetes, cancer, and aids in balancing hormones in addition to its detoxification properties. It’s also a potent adaptogen, helping the body deal with stress more effectively.

Hibiscus flower can be both a popular tea addition and the base of certain herbal teas. Our Luscious Lychee and Hawaiian Paradise are delicious herbal teas that offer the values of hibiscus without the caffeine. Hibiscus may lower your blood pressure, decrease cholesterol, is known to help protect your liver, is linked with boosting metabolism, and may even act as a natural antidepressant.

Turmeric, as in our Turmeric Chai, is a member of the Curcuma family and linked to many health-enhancing properties. Like most tea, it has anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer benefits. Along with fighting heart disease, it might also be helpful in both preventing and treating Alzheimer’s. Additionally, it’s been shown to help with symptoms of major depressive disorder.

More Than Just Tea, a Full Wellness and Pampering Center

It’s clear the benefits of tea are astounding. We have several brews available for every type of palate. At Seven Serenity's Tea Café, you can enjoy more than just delicious tea to benefit your health. We also offer a variety of wellness services. With massage, detox foot baths, acupuncture, yoga, and even a beauty spa you have every reason to stop by to both look and feel like your best self. For more information, to book a service, or inquire about group packages for special events, call us at (385) 203-0777.

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