Why Bemer Mats Are Awesome

Bemer Therapy: The Best Treatment for Alleviating Diseases

The Bemer therapy is essential in correcting the lack of energy in the cells of the body. The metabolism of every cell in a human body is dependent on electromagnetic energy. Energy is crucial for the survival of cells because they depend on energy to perform functions including self-regulation and self-healing processes. The normal energy balance and metabolism are affected by pollution, resulting in degenerative processes and chronic diseases.

How Bemer Works

Electromagnetic signals are responsible for controlling the activities of the body including exercises. Further, motion reinforces the immune system and facilitates muscle growth. The lack of motion stiffens tissues because they experience inadequate electromagnetic levels. The absence of gravity is tolerable, but lack of magnetism is detrimental to a person's health.

Exercises help in stimulating blood flow in the body and oxygenation in tissues. However, insufficient oxygen supply to tissues causes diseases such as cancer. The Bemer therapy corrects these conditions by increasing the levels of electromagnetic energy in every cell of the body. The treatment also improves blood flow and oxygenation of body tissues.

The Bemer mats entail pads that send electromagnetic signals to a person's body and deliver them to the appropriate place. A patient lies on the mat that is connected to the B.Box, which transfers the signals to various places in the body. The Bemer mats can be used to treat patients with arthritis, chronic backache, osteoporosis, and recurring migraines.

Therapy Administration

Patients undergoing the Bemer treatment take it twice or thrice daily for a maximum of eight minutes. The therapy also shows significant benefits when taken once or twice daily for a maximum of five days. Patients with chronic diseases take four to six weeks to achieve better results while patients seeking optimum health receive the Bemer treatment continuously. Bemer is an effective treatment with no side effects and contraindications.

Health Benefits

Bemer helps to treat illnesses by improving microcirculation in the body thus promoting steady blood flow in all tissues and cells. Human bodies have a natural ability of self-healing by repairing and regenerating daily. Platelets help to stop bleeding by enhancing blood clotting of the injured tissue. Bemer hopes to help the body in regenerating and facilitating the self-healing powers of the body. The therapy ensures that the cells of the body perform their self-healing function optimally.

Health Conditions

Diabetes: Diabetic polyneuropathy is a disorder that leads to pain or burning sensations in the legs and arms. The Bemer therapy assists to improve the immune system and subcutaneous microcirculation. The therapy also relieves the sores of patients with patients.

Arthritis: The deterioration of arthritis results from the usage of the control system at the wrong place during therapy. Bemer stimulates vital regulatory microcirculatory mechanisms of the ailment. The treatment also helps to restore a sufficient supply to tissues and cells thus assisting in relieving the pain of arthritis.

Peripheral Arterial Disease: The therapy prevents the occurrence of peripheral arterial disease by improving microcirculation. It uses signals to accelerate the inadequate movement of the capillaries thus improving supply and disposal of cells and tissues.

Back Pain: Bemer transfers stimulation signals to the postcapillary venules precapillary arterioles to ensure that they move faster, resulting in the supply of the medicine for healing backache to its proper destination. The improved blood flow ensures that the body cells perform their functions well and waste disposal is done correctly.

In conclusion, Bemer therapy is beneficial for people with chronic back pains and arthritis. During the treatment, a patient lies on a unique mat to receive the signals and alleviate diseases. Since Bemer does not contain adverse impacts, it is recommended for treating illnesses.

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